Friday, September 30, 2011

We get mail!

They’re at it again. With your money. See the email below from union organizer Jason Reihl.


Hi all,

This Saturday, October 1st, the SOS Crowns campaign will be doing a pamphlet drop in Moose Jaw (i.e. delivering pamphlets to people's homes), and it would be of tremendous assistance if anyone is able to volunteer a bit of their time to assist. If you are able to make it on Saturday to lend a hand, we will be meeting at the Moose Jaw Union Centre (1402 Caribou Street West) at 10 am. Alternatively, if not available that day a person could commit to covering a certain area, and deliver the pamphlets at their own convenience over the next few weeks; any amount of help would be greatly appreciated, even if it is just delivering to the block that you live on.

If interested and available, or if you have any questions, please email Local 3's member on the SOS Crowns steering committee Bill Lawson ( so we know how many people to expect on Saturday, or to arrange for a time to pick up pamphlets to deliver after October 1st. With the truly alarming (and seemingly ever-increasing) amount of contracting out of what has traditionally been our work taking place as of late, the information that this campaign is attempting to get out to the people of Saskatchewan could have a real impact on you personally, and though giving up some of your weekend is never fun, I hope you'll really consider lending a hand.

If I inadvertently sent this to any out-of-scope employees, you are also more than welcome to help out as well.

Thanks in advance,

Jason Reihl, BAdmin, CCSc
President, Local 3
Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What Was Atkinson Thinking?

This is unbelievable.

The great class war that exists only in the mind of NDP politicos. Have these people no shame at all?

Not a great way to end one of her final sessions. What an embarrassment!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

You Like My Package?

Dwain posing all next Premier like.

You get all this AND nationalized potash mines.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just One Question, Dwain...

NDP blasts CEO pay raises...

"NDP Leader Dwain Lingenfelter said he doesn't buy the idea that such compensation levels are necessary to keep and attract health care administrators.

"I think that's misleading the public in a pretty direct way," he told reporters."

Why did you move to Alberta? Was it for the scenery?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I've Been Link Blocked!

Well, not me, but I assure you it's coming...

Dwain Lingenfelter seems to be blocking detractors from his Twitter account.

Coming to the defence of Dwain Lingenfelter is the always faithful NDP soldier, MLA Pat Atkinson.

Then she explains it to another ex-follower.

Now, I'm no computer expert but I find it odd that the change in a smartphone would delete certain individuals on a web-based application, especially only those that could be seen as political opponents to a Twitter account holder.

Maybe it's a new brand of smart phone.

The NDP smart phone!

Maybe it's like the NDP smart radios they have that won't allow them anywhere near a right-wing talk show host.

UPDATE: Trent Lalonde nails it!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"They Shouldn't Be Left Breathing After An Election"

This is a recording at the recent provincial NDP convention in Regina this past March.

The speaker, who cannot be positively identified at this point is referring the Bill 160 which is an amendment to the current Human Rights Code in Saskatchewan.

Does the speaker see the irony of speaking out for human rights, yet saying supportive politicians of this bill shouldn't be left breathing? Is advocating violence towards its opponents an acceptable policy of Saskatchewan NDP?

Will a member of the NDP step up and confirm who this speaker was?

h/t SDA

Monday, April 4, 2011


After potentially defaming not one, but two lawyers in a single post, rightwingbob aka former NDP VP Kent E. Peterson has added a "fine print" disclaimer to his blog Sask Party Watch;

"Sask Party Watch is a comedy blog intended to entertain you on matters pertaining to Saskatchewan politics. Should any material on this site offend you, we recommend that you get thicker skin but if you are on the verge of nervous breakdown please accept our half hearted apologies in advance and get a life!"

While a simple comedic disclaimer won't protect rightwingbob from future potentially litigious posts, we appreciate the fact that he has come to the conclusion that many of us already know. Sask Party Watch is one big joke...
We appreciate this rare moment of clarity.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Potash Royalty Perspective

From people who don't want to ruin the province...

In today's Star Phoenix;

"Do we want expansion and growth in the industry, or are we willing to accept that future expansion of the potash industry will occur elsewhere and thus set a high royalty rate that will capture more short-term revenue? Those are not questions for analysis, but rather are political decisions."

A must read!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Classy NDP

Speaking of potentially slanderous Tweets...

The first Tweet is from Ryan McDonald, the NDP candidate for Thunder Creek

The ReTweet is from Sandra Jackle, who is the Director or of Communications and Media Relations for the NDP.

Jackle is the same person behind the "Lingenfelter Humping the Mat" boxing PR stunt.


I Can't Stop Laughing

After believing he has outed the author of this blog based on one word in a Tweet, Kent E. Peterson a.k.a. rightwingbob threatens legal action, presumably because of some slanderous remarks the NDP Boogeyman may have made. It's a typical leftist/NDP tactic to try to silence critics.

But in the same post, the Rhodes Scholar in training writes the following;

It's a good thing that 'Mike the Greek' has some lawyer friends because he just may need them. Mind you neither Gormley nor Ezra are renowned for their lawyering.

For those interested, one of the things that can be seen as slanderous is an attack on a lawyer's ability or competency to practice law, which this remark could potentially be seen as doing

On March 28th, Gormley posts the following Tweet;

On the afternoon of March 29th, the Kent E. Peterson changes the post to read;

It's a good thing that 'Mike the Greek' has some lawyer friends because he just may need them. Mind you neither Gormley nor Ezra are renowned for their lawyering, rather both are in the business of political commentary.

So let me get this straight... While threatening to sue for slander, Kent E. Peterson may have actually slandered not one, but two lawyers in the same post.

Absolutely brilliant! I'm still laughing...

This is the future of the NDP folks. Enjoy the train wreck!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Killing Saskatchewan

One policy at at time...

From the NDP convention this weekend, the policies;
  • Potash royalty review
  • Rent control
  • 50% of all energy from renewable resources by 2025
  • $100 million in affordable housing initiatives
  • a renewed equalization fight with the Feds (which will only work if they get us back in "have-not" status)
The NDP election and policy platform will economically destroy us and drive people out of the province. But I believe that is what the intention is...

The NDP are a menace to the New Saskatchewan and want us to go back to the Old NDP Saskatchewan.

This Is Beautiful! Part Deux

I had forgotten about this, but a reader reminded me of it this morning.

The NDP Boogeyman was revealed in 2007 as well. From the blog...

What we know about the "NDP Boogeyman" so far:
  1. The website is a consortium of eight prominent rightwing politicians, Saskatchewan Party political staffers and Saskatchewan bloggers.
  2. The principle "Boogeyman" blogger has extensive ties to a federal Conservative Party MP from Regina. He has worked closely as a volunteer on both of the MP's campaigns, but has never been employed by the MP.
  3. The "Boogeyman" blogger is 29 years old, single and unemployed, with a 1-year certificate in computer programming from a Regina business college.
  4. In 2005, he was delivered a "cease and desist" order by the Crown to stop illegal activities involving a mail-order scam defrauding senior citizens of their life savings.
  5. He has run two unsuccessful businesses in Regina, including a pawn shop and a used furniture store.

Stay tuned for more, as information rolls in.

In this Sask Party Watch posting, the NDP Boogeyman is Blaise Boehmer and the SK Party caucus staff.

And who knows what Tammy Robert was doing when she sent out that Tweet. All I know is that she is no fan of the NDP or Dwain Lingenfelter. Was she being mischievous? Who knows...

So I guess your guess is as good as mine as to who the NDP Boogeyman might be.

Well, actually my guess is better. :)

So in honour of all the theories, and thanks to JGLive, I offer you this...

"For Me, This Is Not a Popularity Contest"

For the rest of Saskatchewan it is, Dwain. And the most important popularity contests are called "elections".

For a guy first elected in 1978, I'm still gob-smacked when I hear his pronouncements.

I'm beginning to think that the NDP weren't that good, it's just that the opposition parties were just that bad.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

This Is Beautiful!

Lol.... What happened to Blaise and the rest of SK Party caucus?

Would Like to Know What The Gesture Was

Must be having an impact if they're talking about me at the NDP convention.

Mind you, this is the same group that unanimously supported a leader with 16.7% provincial approval rating.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Something Stinks

The fact that someone, anyone dumped medical records in a dumpster is not political news.

Of course it's very bothersome news for the patients. But as for making hay on this issue in the Legislature, some questions remain unanswered.
  • Where did the records come from? A private practitioner's office, or a hospital.
  • Who dumped the records? Some unthinking person, or someone with a political agenda?
  • And the most important question, why was the NDP Deputy Leader Kevin Yates called first? Wouldn't it be more appropriate to call the Department of Health, Department of Justice or the privacy commissioner rather than an Opposition MLA? That is unless the caller wanted to score some political points against the Wall government.
Yates is in political trouble in his constituency. He knows it. The NDP know it.

And this isn't the first time Yates was contacted first instead of the government when trouble was brewing.

So there's a pattern here of Kevin Yates getting the heads up before the government does.

And that, in addition to the patient's concerns, is why this issue deserves a closer look.

Now I Know What Gormley Feels Like

SFL President Larry Hubich blocked me from following him on Twitter.

I'm heartbroken. My first block!

To quote from Larry's own open letter to Brad Wall...

I am concerned that your government deliberately marginalizes and outright ignores the voices of organizations that you view to have different priorities than your own. What other organizations and/or groups do you dismiss out of hand?

Please don't marginalize me Larry, just because I have different priorities than your own.

Let me come home, Larry... Let me come home!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Boxing in the Bunker


Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm On Twitter!

Going with the trend... Follow me @ndpboogeyman

Voter ID and the NDP

Tammy Robert nails it...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Regina Lumsden NDP Candidate Brian Sklar

Doesn't believe in longer sentences for pedophiles. It's the parent's fault.

Sklar is not just a federal NDP candidate. He is presently the Communications Officer for the Saskatchewan NDP Caucus, brought back into the fold by Dwain Lingenfelter.

No smart ass comment from me could ever enhance the stupidity of this Tweet.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Let's Get Physical - Dwain Ali Mix

His handlers should be fired... What else could have happened? And I don't think it's over.

The Next Resource Minister

That knows too little about Saskatchewan's resources...

"...we do not use (Saskatchewan) potash in our agricultural sector, in any way shape or form"

Nice one Darcy!


Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt - Abraham Lincoln

Buckley Belanger

A train wreck that's always fun to watch! Keepin' it classy!

He's Becoming Quite Popular

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


NDP VP and URSU Presidential candidate Kent E. Peterson's new found love for business... or his blatant attempt to mislead U of R students for votes

Be An NDP Orc!

A "How To" guide as to how to write letter to the editors to support your NDP machine.

Courtesy of NDP Yorkton candidate Chad Blenkin; the gift that keeps on giving.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

VIDEO: Old Man Sweating, Trying to Look Youthful

I especially like the hip action on the pushups. It looks like he has something else on his mind.
Creepy, really...

UPDATE; Dwain doing push-ups to some sexy 1970's disco music. I'm all hot and sweaty for the Link!

(Who the hell in the NDP brain-trust thought this would be a good idea?)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Pinata of Crazy - Part Deux!

NDP VP and URSU President candidate Kent E. Peterson goes completely off the rails.

In the Donna Harpauer link, I particularly like Peterson's train of thought that anyone that challenges him works for the Sask Party caucus.

This is the future of the NDP folks!

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Pinata of Crazy

Wall fires up the troops!

Here's the line I love from Dwain Lingenfelter...

He sloughed off Wall's use of "crazy" but said it was inappropriate given the document was the product of consultations with "thousands of people" both inside and outside the party.

Really, Dwain? Thousands of people consulted that demanded rent controls, higher potash royalties and a pharmaceutical crown corporation?

Those are just "crazy" ideas coming from your so-called brain trust.

Friday, March 4, 2011

No Hidden Agenda Here Folks

NDP VP and apparent homophobe Kent. E. Peterson doesn`t have a hidden agenda.

It's right in the open...

Look at the 0:26 of the video. Who's that walking beside Dwain Lingenfelter?

Funny how he never managed to be able to interview the other party leaders. Anyone who believes it was because of them not getting back to Peterson in a timely fashion is beyond naive.

Guess Who's Running For The URSU President?

NDP Vice President and apparent homophobe Kent. E Peterson.

You know Mr. Peterson from such lunatic left-wing blogs as Humble Opinion and Sask Party Watch in which he blogs under the pseudonym Right Wing Bob.

Apparently, he is running a slate of candidates. I wonder if this has been properly disclosed?

Here are excerpts of a letter from a regular reader...

Kent E. Peterson, (whom we all know and love) is running for President at the University of Regina's Student's Union (URSU).

As he has vehemently accused Kyle Addison and the current executive of being biased and favour to the right side of the political scale, wouldn't this make him a hypocrite?

This clearly breaks the rules in the URSU constitution stating that URSU executives must remain non-partisan. Also many candidates running for the URSU board of directors as "independents" are infact apart of Peterson's slate but are advertising themselves as "independent" so as not to scare the students into realizing Kent is orchestrating communist-like take over.

Especially since most "independent" candidates are notorious NDP supporters and part of his "socialist" clique, some of these "candidates" are romantically involved with each other, preferring to have friends on the board and senate to "scratch their backs" instead of recruiting a more diverse, experienced and qualified candidates for directors and members of senate.

I would hope that the students of U of R would hold Mr. Peterson accountable for his less than tolerant comments with respect people that don't agree with him or his extremist views.

Before you vote, Google Kent. E. Peterson NDP and see what comes up. Then make an informed decision on who you want to represent you.

Should this really be the face of the URSU? I believe U of R students deserve much better than Kent E. Peterson!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

All You Need To Know

About Erin Weir...

From Wikipedia; "Erin Weir is an economist with the United Steelworkers union's Canadian National Office"

From the Star Phoenix; "Weir, a former NDP candidate in the 2004 federal election in the Regina-area riding of Wascana, also has strong feelings about Saskatchewan's royalty structure.

In other words, former NDP Chief of Staff Jim Fodey and SFL President Larry Hubich, let's just cut the shit about this guy having anything other than a left wing-wealth distribution political agenda with this potash royalty viewpoint.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Your Union Dues At Work

What's all that bad about leaving a baby in a closet? Well, unless you're the baby or the family, evidently not that much.

A month later, the health region fired both nurses, citing professional misconduct.

The Saskatchewan Union of Nurses filed grievances on the nurses' behalf. An arbitration board ruled last July that the health region overreacted by firing the nurses and the board substituted a three-month suspension without pay as their penalty.

Unions! Standing up for irresponsible and dangerous behavior since 1917!

Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm Starting to Feel Sorry for Him


First of all, the $77-million figure is "disingenuous" and Lingenfelter knows it. A closer examination of PotashCorp's 2010 financial statements indicates the corporation reported $3.4 billion in "cost of goods sold" (which includes base royalties) and $642.8 million in income taxes (which include provincial corporate income taxes).

Lingenfelter is completely lost... And he's hoping to take this province with him.
Saskatchewan is much smarter than Lingenfelter needs us to be.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Gormley Nails It!

Lingenfelter is finding it hard to campaign on emotion when those damn facts keep getting in the way.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Rent Is Too Damn High Party

Dwain "Jimmy McMillan" Lingenfelter...

"Listen! that's a child's stomach growling and the NDP desperately looking for a wedge issue"

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Get Them While They're Young and Impressionable

Hey kids welcome to Utopia, Sask union style!

By the way, SOSC doesn't think you deserve more than one company to deal with. They don't want Rogers, or Bell or Telus. They don't want you to have an iPhone until the Crown says you can.

Well I suppose as long as there's cool banjo pickin' in the background, it might be OK.

(By the way, this video is insulting to every young person out there with a brain. These people hold you in utter contempt. They don't think you know or deserve any better!)

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Former Calgary Oil Executive

Continues his hard left turn back to the 1970's

In advance of PCS President Bill Doyle's address to the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce today, the NDP issue a media release


When Will Potash Corporation Head Office be Repatriated?

When the President of the Potash Corporation, Bill Doyle, addresses the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce later today, Saskatchewan people will want to know when the company’s current Chicago Head Office is to be closed, and its 200 executive jobs moved back to Saskatoon, NDP Leader Dwain Lingenfelter said.

“Last fall, the people of Saskatchewan came together to stand up for the Potash Corporation in its bid to fight a hostile takeover attempt by BHP Billiton of Australia. Now it’s time for the Potash Corporation to stand up for the people of Saskatchewan,” Lingenfelter said.

“Bill Doyle’s speech is billed as a “progress report” on the Potash Corporation’s publicly advertised Pledge to Saskatchewan. Nearly five months later, Saskatchewan people are expecting a detailed plan for the closure of the Chicago Head Office, and its repatriation to Saskatoon, along with its 200 executive level jobs,” Lingenfelter added.

“Suggestions that the corporation plans to move as few as 50 jobs back to Saskatoon are worrisome. Anything less than the full repatriation of the Head Office amounts to a broken promise by the Potash Corporation to the people of Saskatchewan,” Lingenfelter said.

“The argument that the Potash Corporation needs to maintain a Chicago Head Office for its American-based Phosphate and Nitrogen divisions, ignores the fact that the corporation was only able to expand into these new lines of business using its profits from the sale of Saskatchewan potash. Expansion into these areas should have resulted in more Head Office jobs for Saskatoon, not a relocation of the Head Office to the United States,” Lingenfelter added.

“It will also be very important to hear that the President of the company, Bill Doyle, will be moving his family back to Saskatoon and will be living here full-time. Talk of keeping a “residence” here means nothing. Will he be living and working out of Saskatoon or not?” Lingenfelter asked.

“In January, the Premier promised that a Memorandum of Understanding, a binding legal document, would be signed with the Potash Corporation prior to the spring sitting of the Legislature to enforce the company’s Pledge to Saskatchewan. Has an MOU been signed? What are its terms? And if not, how does the provincial government plan to enforce the company’s commitments to the people of our Province? These are all questions Saskatchewan people await the answers to,” Lingenfelter concluded.


Think about what Lingenfelter is saying. He is demanding that a publicly traded company forget about any business strategy or competitive advantage it may have, and move its entire head office to Saskatchewan or it will be an affront to the people. This is Marxism!

Lingenfelter is basically calling the nationalization of the potash industry. And it all begins with this media release and their call for a royalty review.

That will kill us as a province! But that may be his intention. Less independence for the individual and companies, and more reliance on the government where they can control you.

Just like the 1970's.

If he can demand this of PCS, what will he demand of your company if the NDP ever get in power again!?!

Business needs to wake up and realize what Lingenfelter and the NDP plan on doing to the province. And to you...

Why Politicians Shouldn't Tweet

"I still prefer Rubiela"? To what or rather to whom? I thought once you got married to someone, your preference was pretty much nailed down.

Dwain, word of advice. I know your party is real hot on this social media stuff, but tweets should be made in context so that your followers know to what you are referring.

Otherwise, you might come across looking like a letch.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Saskatchewan COC Grows a Pair

The notoriously weak Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce comes out swinging against SP/Leader Post columnist and NDP apologist Murray Mandryk

Murray Mandryk is completely off base in saying an argument for changing potash royalties is "(Bill) Doyle's vast personal wealth created via the Saskatchewan people's resource."

I can't think of a weaker argument. It's rooted in envy, and reflects the very reason we were a have-not province for so many years. The idea seems to be that Saskatchewan people somehow are losers because a world-class CEO has built a successful company here and is rewarded handsomely by his employer.

It's about time, Steve... Let's just see if you can continue down this new found path.

The Company You Keep

Mairin Loewen is Saskatoon's newest city councillor.

Praisies are being sung for her youthfulness and how it will add a new energy to the council. But what I find most intersting is who Ms. Loewen has been hanging around with.

According to the Star Phoenix she's "completing a master's degree in political studies at the University of Saskatchewan and worked as chief of staff for NDP MLA Pat Atkinson"

Also, if the article today Ms. Loewen is pictured with her boyfriend, Will Robbins. Is this the same Will Robbins who was responsible for this when he was editor of the Sheaf?

People may have forgotten young Mr. Robbins "error", but I haven't. Remember this blog as a direct result of Mr. Robbins guiding hand?

Her supporters are a "who's who" of city leftists.

I wish Ms. Loewen the best of luck. I hope she keeps in mind the entire city than just the ambitions and desires of her leftist friends.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The NDP and the Unions - A Soundtrack

This was picked up by a regular reader of the blog. Watch these two videos...

This first one is from the NDP and was posted on October of 2007

The second is from the SGEU and was posted on October of 2010

Three years apart...

Now listen carefully. What do you hear?

Maybe they just didn't want to pay royalties twice...

h/t Nolan

Monday, February 7, 2011

Does This Surprise Anyone?

Another LTTE in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix from Tony Linner...

Two examples: The coalition of the Progressive Conservatives and Liberals in Saskatchewan has demonstrated terrible fiscal mismanagement, inadequate support for communities and families in crisis, abysmal foresight in health care, and an inability to respect unionized workers.

Of course this is a line right out of the NDP playbook. It's almost like the NDP communications department wrote the letter and got Tony to sign his name.

But who exactly is Tony Linner? Oh, the retired STF administrator?

It's just so easy to pick out these NDP Orcs. It's not even a challenge any more.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Save Us Ryan!

Lead us into that youthful socialist's paradise!

If he couldn't handle being challenged in one constituency, I doubt he has the stones to the lead the entire party.

The NDP right now remind me of this...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

News of the Future

Former NDP MLA Pat Atkinson officially began her bid for the leadership of the provincial NDP today.

The leadership contest will take place in the spring of 2012, after a devastating 2011 election loss in which the Sask Party gained four additional seats and saw the NDP popularity sink to an all time low under leader Dwain Lingenfelter.

UPDATE - Especially for Steven R.

Atkinson will serve out her term until the Nov. 7 provincial election, but a return to politics -- in a party leadership race or a federal election -- wasn't ruled out on Tuesday, although she said she has no immediate plans for her post-political life.

"You're never supposed to say never," Atkinson told reporters after her farewell address. "I'm a politician, sorry."

Welcome JGL listeners!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Note to Saskatchewan USW Members

Your union leadership holds you in contempt and doesn't think you are very bright. So they think they can tell you anything and that you'll believe it.


In 2010, in the province of Saskatchewan, our union and the provincial NDP stood solidly together to defeat the proposed takeover of the Potash Corp of Saskatchewan in November. By our collective lobbying and pushing of both the Saskatchewan government of Brad Wall of the Harper Conservatives, the federal government at least temporarily stopped the takeover.

Wall, who was an integral member of the Conservative government that privatized PCS in the 1990s for a little more than $600-million (the corporation is now worth more than $40-billion), made an eleventh hour decision to oppose the deal. So too did the federal Conservatives who ran a risk of losing many of their MPs had the PCS deal gone through.

Together the Saskatchewan NDP and the members of our union and communities made the Harper and Wall government’s blink. Today the NDP trails the Saskatchewan party by just four percentage points and the Harper Conservatives are losing political ground.


An eleventh hour decision? The NDP trails the Saskatchewan Party by just four percentage points?

This isn't just spin. These are out and out falsehoods from union leadership to their membership.

There are mountains of evidence that the facts and the timeline supported by this media release are completely false. If you are a citizen of Saskatchewan who witnessed the BHP story play out, you know the truth and it isn't contained in this media release.

The one question I have is how did Mr. Hunt come to his factually incorrect conclusions? Were they made up on his end, or were they spun by unions and the NDP?

I've been telling you that NDP provincial campaign manager Dale Schmeichel has been promoting the fact that the NDP are only 5% behind the Saskatchewan Party, which has been disproven poll after poll. Yet, Mr. Hunt states a similar fact. Coincidence?

This is another shining example of why union members should be very wary of their leadership, and how union leadership will say anything to influence their own members because they don't think they are smart enough to know the difference.

Union members deserve better!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm Starting to Feel Sorry for Lingenfelter

Well, not really...

More than 50 per cent of those surveyed were satisfied or very satisfied with the performance of the provincial government, while only 17 per cent said they were unsatisfied.

"Saskatchewan's always been known as 'next year' country, but I think there might be a feeling in Saskatchewan that next year has finally arrived. I think the public has really been waiting for that, there's really a feeling of relief. And of course the government's going to get credit for that. How much is always hard to pinpoint but I think it would be wrong not to give them any credit."

I'm wondering how Dale "we're only behind by 5% in 30 ridings" Schmeichel is going to spin this.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The World According to Kent E. Peterson

Kent E. Peterson is an NDP Vice-President. But he's already become a legend in blogging circles due to his odd behaviour.

He was first introduced to us by ndpwatch as a person who enjoys white wine and potato chips in the local pool hall. He is also behind a tremendously bad copycat site of ndpwatch called saskpartywatch (Gormley seems to be his latest infatuation).

He also made homophobic remarks on his old blog, Humble Opinion (that we have archived in full and are awaiting to release once he wins an NDP nomination to run) about Serge Leclerc.

Now take a look at this latest glamour shot, which is his FB profile picture.

He is pretending to chat on the phone, while enjoying a cocktail and a smoke in what looks like a public place. Yup, that's a way of really connecting to the proletariat.

Then he adds this caption "SYNDers hard at work!" on the Saskatchewan Young New Democrats FB page to this picture

If this is what hard work looks like to Kent E. Peterson, we're all screwed.

Also in the background are a lot of "Not So Young Saskatchewan New Democrats" and a young disengaged Travis "his father's party does not appeal to him"Lingenfelter texting on his phone

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Kent E. Peterson and the future of the Saskatchewan NDP.


Et tu, John F.Conway? Et, tu?

"In fairness to Wall, he has not taken a sudden left turn, far from it. But he has refused to become an ideological puppet of the hard right, and insists on taking his role as premier with considerable seriousness. As an increasingly pragmatic professional career politician, Wall knows he must be seen as a defender of the public interest and a devotee of good government."

Are they trying to drive Lingenfelter out, or just insane? Even I don't know what to think anymore.

Between this letter and the NDP caucus letter writing campaign that basically concedes the next election, is this really happening in our Saskatchewan?


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Compare and Contrast

Premier Brad Wall and NDP leader Dwain Lingenfelter with year end interviews for the Leader Post.

Lingenfelter isn't even in the same league as the Premier. What a whiny bitch!

"I'm not sure whether it was something that developed over the 10 years gradually or whether it is the Sask. Party and the right-wing, Harper-Wall-Bush style strategy of how you deal with your opponent. But for sure, it's not my style of politics..."

Really? Calling the Premier "the little thief from Swift Current" seemed to roll off his tongue.

"That's very foreign to me where there is this animosity. NewsTalk Radio, where you have the spewing of just what approaches hate from one particular journalist day or night, about personal attacks on the leader of the opposition and I understand it was similar with Lorne Calvert. But this is a new era of politics that takes a little bit of getting used to..."

Lingenfelter is trying to play the victim and people are going to see how even more disingenuous he is. Or is it ingenuous? I'm getting them confused now.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NDP Orc - John Parry

Another LTTE in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix from another average concerned citizen.

But John Parry isn't just a concerned citizen... He's the federal NDP candidate for Saskatoon Wanuskewin

Why wouldn't Parry mention that in his letter? Where are the courage of his convictions? The Star Phoenix must start identifying these candidates.

And we will continue to do so.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Drinkin' Buddies

SGEU President Bob Bymoen, NDP MLA Darcy Furber, SFL President Larry Hubich and NDP Leader (and former Calgary oil executive) Dwain Lingenfelter enjoying a beer at one of Regina's hottest clubs.

Do you really think Dwain likes any of these people, or that Bymoen or Hubich care much for Lingenfelter? Or are they all just using each other to get what they need?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dwain "The Ventriloquist Dummy" Lingenfelter

Wishing you Happy Holidays. Doesn't Link just ooze with the Christmas? (Which he never mentions in name, but that's a post for another day).

Friday, December 3, 2010

While the NDP Complains

About non-existent loan guarantees with the Amicus deal, the Saskatchewan taxpayers take a REAL hit as a result of the NDP's unprecedented financial mismanagement in Thompson Meats.

The provincial government is receiving $247,000 from the sale of Thomson Meats, after putting close to $12 million into the Melfort company over the course of several years, Agriculture Minister Bob Bjornerud said Thursday.


Bjornerud said the government investments into the company -- which included share purchases, debentures and grants -- took place from 1996 -- 2007 under previous NDP governments. The province said it never collected dividends or repayment of the debentures

I guess this is one scandal that Gormley missed in his book. I'm sure there will be more than enough for a second edition.

NDP Orc - Beth Smillie

Another LTTE in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix complaining about the new privately owned Surgicentre. Just your another concerned citizen? Nope!

Beth is a CUPE communications rep and the contact person for this press release

Here's the best part.

The fact that wait times for surgeries in the Saskatoon Health Region have continued to drop over the last year is due to innovations in the public system, not the government's decision to use for-profit clinics.

I hate to break it to Beth, but besides being wrong about the for-profit clinics the Saskatchewan Party was in government when these waiting lines were reduced, not the NDP.

But one has to ask, why does a CUPE spokesperson take issue with waiting lists being shortened?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Welcome Gene!

Nothing Better to Do?

As heard on JGL, the NDP campaign sends out an email blast to get people to vote for Kevin Yates in NewsTalk980 poll...

> From: Saskatchewan NDP []
> Sent: Thursday, December 02, 2010 9:20 AM
> To: xxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Who will win in Regina Dewdney
> NewsTalk 980 has a poll today asking, "Will Gene Makowsky win the
> Regina Dewdney seat in the next provincial election?"
> If you have a moment today, please go to
> and vote for our NDP MLA for Regina Dewdney and House Leader, Kevin Yates.
> Kevin is a valued member of our NDP team. Please show your support!
> The poll can be found three-quarters of the way down the right-hand
> side of the NewsTalk 980 webpage,
> Once you've voted, spread the word to your friends by clicking here:
> http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Thank you for your help!

Y0u think the NDP campaign would have better things to do than get supporters to vote on an Internet poll. They have much bigger problems. Hi Dwain!

h/t Deb (for the email)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Who Would Best Represent Regina Dewdney in 2011

This guy?

Or this guy?

Good luck, Gene!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Tolerant Left

If I may rip a headline from SDA, this post epitomizes the mindset of the hardcore NDP ideologues.

The blog owner of Sask Party Watch is Kent E. Peterson, an NDP VP who posts under the pseudonym of rightwingbob.

While we don't suffer fools gladly, we do expose them.

Aside from Peterson being totally incorrect about Gormley's position on the LeClerc matter, here is what Peterson had to say about Serge LeClerc, who is gravely ill with cancer.

From a email...

Kent Peterson, as always, at his most eloquent as the NDP continues it's smear campaign against a man who has done so much for addicted youth and is now fighting for his life.

For shame.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Lingenfelter Praises The SK Party Government

From the AP

But he (Lingenfelter) acknowledges the upside. "It's exciting times in Saskatchewan," he told AP. "I don't want to make it sound like there's huge problems because there isn't."

However, there wil be huge problems in Saskatchewan if the people decide to elect Lingenfelter and the NDP in 2011.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

More Despicable Behaviour

Saskatoon Eastview NDP MLA defends the NDP political tactic of trying to smear Brad Wall with Serge LeClerc's ethics violations.

Meanwhile, Mr. LeClerc is battling life threatening bowel cancer in an Ontario hospital.

These people are not only out of touch with the majority of Saskatchewan residents, but have forgotten common decency.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Reaching Across the Aisle

Star Phoenix Editorial - November 25th

For the likes of Ms. Junor, however, for whom nasty partisan politics seem to be something that simply cannot be put aside even for a moment no matter the circumstances, life's realities simply don't matter. All that counts is to try to score a few cheap points at the expense of rivals, damn the consequences even if the polls suggest it's a foolhardy strategy.


However, if the NDP thinks this sorry saga can be twisted to partisan advantage with a baseless attack on Mr. Wall, it only shows that the party is hurtling down a self-destructive path despite Mr. Lingenfelter's pledge to change an approach that's simply not connecting with voters


What was that about leopards and spots?

NDP Orc - Shirley Dyck

Just another concerned citizen writing a LTTE today in the Star Phoenix from Shirley Dyck.

Well this ordinary average citizen just happens to be Shirley Dyck, Treasurer for the NDP Saskatoon Eastview constituency, represented in the Saskatchewan Legislature by Judy Junor.

"The people of this province will be much better off when the Saskatchewan Party's Wall comes down in November 2011."

The closer to the November 2011 election we are, the more deranged they will become.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Someone Looks Uncomfortable

And I don't mean the baby with her jumpsuit over her face...

I don't know why, but I am reminded of a quote from The Hunt for Red October...

Jeffery Pelt; "Listen, I'm a politician which means I'm a cheat and a liar, and when I'm not kissing babies, I'm stealing their lollipops."

Monday, November 22, 2010

NDP Supporters Are Not The Only Ones Being Spun

Reliable sources are claiming that the first the NDP caucus heard about the Sigma Analytics (SA) poll was when it was published in the Leader Post on Saturday.

Evidently, the Friday before and after receiving the embargoed SA poll, NDP Dwain Lingenfelter and his top advisor Garry Aldridge had a closed door, all day session, and left before speaking with members of Lingenfelter's own caucus.

Two weeks prior, members of the NDP caucus at the get-away were told that they were within 5% of 30 constituencies in the province. That was completely contradicted by the SA poll.

If these events are indeed true, the NDP are heading down the path of a very public civil war with the party faithful and the Lingenfelter crew.

And the winner will be Brad Wall, the Saskatchewan Party.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

NDP Orc - Don Kossick

Another LTTE this morning in the Star Phoenix from well known leftist activist and perennial losing NDP candidate, Don Kossick

"It is time that Canadian citizens take back their government."

Typically, this is done by an election. What exactly is Kossick advocating here? Is the left in this country becoming so desperate that they are advocating less peaceful ways of electoral change?

Keep your eyes on Kossick and his followers. This may be a sigmal of things to come.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

NDP Orc - Janice Harty

Just another Star Phoenix LTTE from concerned citizen, Janice Harty...


"The story, Wall holds wide lead: poll (SP, Nov. 6), says the premier and the Saskatchewan Party government are "riding a wave of popularity."

It's the destruction after the tsunami we need to prepare for.

Thank God Dwain Lingenfelter is the NDP leader. He's been preparing us for that since his endorsement."


Here's a note from one of our readers/researchers;

"A search of her name reveals she is from Shaunavon, and not surprisingly 6 of her 26 friends are from the Lingenfelter family, including Dwain himself."

Other notable friends include CUPE union organizer (and former life insurance agent) Ann (Riley) Iwanchuk, wife of NDP MLA Andy Iwanchuk and NDP MLA Cam Broten.

Oh, and Janice gave $305 to the federal NDP party in 2000. Need I say more?

Nice work...

h/t AH

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Inappropriate Darren Hill

Typically I don't comment on civic issues. However, this race and in particular the actions of one existing city councillor is concerning me.

The councillor's seat for Ward 5 in Saskatoon became vacant when Gord Wyant became the Sask Party MLA.

The by-election is set for November 29th/2010. There are six candidates running for seat.

The problem is that existing Ward One councillor Darren Hill is actively campaigning for one of the candidates, Ainsley Robertson.

Not only is it absolutely inappropriate for an existing city councillor to be actively campaigning for any candidate, but Darren Hill is using his city issued cell phone to promote Ms. Robertson. Those phones are meant for city business only, and NOT to campaign for candidates!

His latest communique was posted on Facebook and was sent as an email to Robertson supporters and friends;


Darren Hill
11:52pm Nov 16
CALL TO ACTION! We need to getpeople in Silverwood, Lawson Heights and River Heights out to vote this Saturday for Ainsley Robertson – for ward 5 City Councillor.

Advance Poll voting is available at Lawson Heights School, 430 Redberry Road, on Saturday, November 20 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

I do not want to go into details in print as to why this election is so important on so many issues. If you care to discuss it please call me at 227-4322.

Please contact 10 people in the ward (everything north of Circle Drive) and make sure they vote on Saturday.


This isn't the first time Darren Hill acted inappropriately during an election campaign.

The question I ask is what Hill expect of Ms. Robertson if she wins? How will he be perceived by the new Ward 5 councillor if Ms. Robertson loses. Will his electioneering affect future governance by city council?

The City of Saskatoon needs to take immediate action against councillor Hill and his egregious actions.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Whistling Past the Graveyard

In response to the damning Sigma Analytics poll, NDP Provincial Campaign Manager Dale Schmeichel sends an email to the party faithful;


Our Polling Results Show a Steady and Significant Improvement

Dear (member) – You may have read or heard about the polling results recently published by the Leader-Post and the StarPhoenix that imply we are seriously trailing the Sask Party.

Our polling results over the past year show a steady and significant improvement in our position

I wanted you to know this poll was conducted during the height of the media coverage of the Potash Corporation takeover discussions. As is often the case, polling done during such a period of unusually prominent coverage of an issue of widespread public interest seems to have given the Sask Party a large “blip” in support.

As I have said at Council meetings and in reports to Constituency meetings and Provincial Executive meetings, our polling results over the past year show a steady and significant improvement in our position that is at odds with the published results of this recent poll. The NDP will form government by winning 30 or more seats. We never led in a poll across all fifty-eight seats in 2003, but you will remember those Election night results.

Keep Talking to Your Friends and Neighbours

I encourage party members and workers to continue to talk to friends and neighbours about the issues of importance to Saskatchewan people such as improving accessibility to health care, controlling increases in living costs such as rental rates and costs of utilities and the need to return Saskatchewan to prudent fiscal management.

Specifically on the potash issue, we need to remind people that it is Dwain Lingenfelter and the NDP that are insisting that no matter who owns the potash company, the people of Saskatchewan deserve a better deal than they've been getting so far. You can read more about our Plan for Potash to have all the details at your fingertips.

Form Government in 2011

We will be doing a new round of polling in the coming months and I remain confident those results will show a return to a more normal situation which will confirm we are competitive and on the path to form government in November 2011.

Dale Schmeichel
Provincial Campaign Manager


This is the same Dale Schmeichel that claimed all of us would be surprised by the Saskatoon Northwest by-election, alluding to a possible NDP win or a better than expected outcome for the NDP. Sask Party candidate Gord Wyant absolutely trounced NDP candidate Jan Dyky, actually gaining almost 6% more of the popular vote than in the 2007 general election.

Schmeichel was also behind the NDP hit piece on Wyant, that actually hurt the NDP campaign, rather than helping it.

I thought Schmeichel was smarter than this. But then again, in light of the poll and his position in the NDP campaign, what else is he going to say?

Monday, November 15, 2010

NDP Orc Alert - Alma Wiebe

As mentioned on JGL ...

A LTTE from Alma Wiebe Q.C. Just another average citizen. Oops... Not so fast!

Alma's family tie... Make sure you take a look at sister Nettie's stellar election record!

As for Alma? In her own words

They have now expanded the meaning of cowardice to include shamelessness by having the gall to hide behind the Investment Canada Act, which, apparently, none of them comprehend
The rest of them need to grow some spine.

The fact that Ms. Wiebe actually identifies herself as a Q.C. could be seen an embarrassment to all other Q.C.'s. This is NOT appropriate behaviour, especially when her sister is a nominated federal NDP candidate.

But when it comes to an NDP pedigree, it seems as though nothing is sacred. Not even a Q.C.

NOT Selling Saskatchewan

Evidently, the role of Opposition means opposing everything that isn't beneficial to the NDP.

NDP deputy leader Deb Higgins - "How realistic will these advertisements be? Will we see ads that talk about two years of deficit budgets or shortage of child-care spaces or shortage of affordable housing?" she said.

What Higgins is really saying is that the NDP doesn't want growth. They want to emphasize our problems to rest of Canada, rather than our successes. And for only one reason.

Economic and population growth and the sharing of information is death to the NDP party. In order for them to survive, they will have to change. They will have to take the Regina Manifesto off their website. And God forbid, they may have to actually renounce it.

But until then, they will continue to run down the province for their own political objectives.

Even if it hurts every citizen in the province.

Piling on

These can't be good for the ego...

His numbers could not go any lower if he actually was trying to drive them down. For an NDP leader in Saskatchewan, 17 per cent is close to rock bottom. He could run naked through the streets with twigs in his hair, howling like a coyote, and probably drop down no further than 16.5 per cent.

Why Lingenfelter's stock is so low is no great mystery. At a time of unprecedented provincial optimism, he is campaigning as old Mr. Crankypants, the neighbourhood curmudgeon. He's mean, he's grumpy and he is doing for the NDP what a bedbug infestation does for hotel occupancy.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Looks Like a Great Weekend for Reading

I just want to remind all my readers to make sure you buy a copy of John Gormley's book, Left Out - The Saskatchewan NDP and their Relentless Pursuit of Mediocrity.

And I mean buy it, not unlike a certain Saskatoon NDP MLA who took the book off the shelf in McNally Robinson for a quick free read and then put it back.

Just remember folks, the NDP Boogeyman is everywhere...

Privatizing Our Highways Is Dangerous Business

So is the SGEU pulling snow plow operators off the roads during the middle of a snow storm in order to have negotiating power. Or did you think we would forget?

Since there really aren't any wedge issues to run a campaign on, and on the important issues like healthcare more people trust the Brad Wall government than the NDP, the NDP proxy SFL and their newly re-elected president, Larry Hubich are just making stuff up.

But then again, this isn't new to the left.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Suspected This Was Coming...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Intervention - The NDP Caucus Edition

In light of the devastating Sigma Analytics poll, Dwain Lingenfelter is considering changing his approach

A&E crews were in Regina on the weekend to record the historic weekend meeting


Candy Finnigan; "I'm glad you could make it here Dwain. I've had the opportunity to spend some time with you caucus and I want to tell you, they love you like crazy. They just want to tell you a few things and then we can go. Is that OK?

Dwain L.; How yoooou doin'?

Candy Finnigan; Eyes here, Dwain. You want to start Kevin?

Kevin Y.; Dwain... I'm here because I care about you and I want you to be happy. We've had some good times, buddy. Remember, Channel Lake and Spudco? Those were good times man.

Dwain L.; Yea, we really screwed those babies up. (Dwain, caucus chuckles)

Kevin Y.; Remember the time you called Brad "the little thief from Swift Current"? I'm like "Go Dwain!" and you were like "He thinks he's so good". I think you really got to him.

Dwain L; Did I ever!

Darcy F.; I'm so angry!

Kevin Y.; And remember that time at the bar in Winnipeg? "I'm the Linkinator, are you Sarah Conner?" That gal didn't know what think.

Dwain L.; I'm not saying anything...(laughs)

(Judy J., Pat A. and Sandra M. chuckle, look at Dwain adoringly)

Kevin Y.; Buddy, things are changing. You can't do that s**t anymore. You gotta be nicer to people. Even Brad. People are starting to think you're too mean. It's not working anymore. You're going to screw us all the next election.

Dwain L.; F*** you, Pillsbury! You don't know me.

Sandra M.; Dwain, he's right...

Dwain L.; How yoooou doin'?

Candy Finnigan; Dwain, stop it!

Darcy F.; I'm so angry!

Kevin Y.; You're always angry, Darcy. Chill! Dwain, if you don't accept our help today, we won't be able to help you in the Leg anymore. We may not be able to support you in the party anymore. And I won't be your wing man anymore.

Dwain L.; That's bulls****t! You'll still be my wing man. I know you will.

Kevin Y.; I won't be man. You need to do this for you. And for all of us. At least until the next election. Can you try to be a bit nicer until the next election? Please?

Dwain L.; Well, I can try... OK, let's try to fool these guys. But only for a year, OK?

(caucus stands up and cheers, hugs Pat A.)

Pat A.; Ahem! Dwain.... Hands!

Kevin Y.; Oh, Dwain...

(caucus laughs)

Scene ends

Monday, November 8, 2010

Legislature Reunion!

I'm organizing a reunion of all the pages that served in the Saskatchewan Legislature in the 1980's. It will be nice to get together with them and their children.

If you were a page in the Leg in the 1980's, drop me an email.

A Grade 12 Student Getting Flattened By A Grade 8 Student

Dwain Lingenfelter vs. Roger Aldag - Myth or the stuff of legends?

BTW, see what happens to the Cowboys when Lingenfelter starts rooting for them? The Cowboys are 1-7 (or 12.5%), closely mirroring Lingenfelter's approval rating.

h/t The Fonze

NDP Orc Alert - Chris Gallaway

As with our other blog, we want to make sure the public is aware that Letter to the Editor writers in many cases are not just your average citizen, but rather political hacks ...

Today's NDP Orc is Chris Gallaway with his November 06th LTTE in the Star Phoenix

Just your average concerned citizen writing about the the vitriol in the Legislature... Not so fast.

Here are the results from the 2007 Saskatchewan general election. Seems as though Mr. Gallaway was the NDP candidate in Martensville, gathering 18.24% of the popular vote.

In October of 2007, also featured Mr. Gallway as one of the candidates who sounded suspiciously like four other NDP candidates in the last election. If Gallaway had difficulty writing his own campaign material, did he actually write his own letter to the newspaper?

On the positive, with an 18.24% approval rating in Martensville, he still rates higher than Dwain Lingenfelter.

Maybe Mr. Gallaway has leadership aspirations?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Disrespecting The People's House

Another NDP up and comer, Trent Wotherspoon... Classy!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Buckley's Throne Speech Greatest Hits!


I still think it's a tad high...

Even Mandryk gets it right this time

"Evidently, almost half of Saskatchewan's 29.4% of New Democrat supporters prefer Wall over Lingenfelter as Premier"

Keep performing your magic, Link! The people just don't understand you yet.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Premier Wall Emerges as a National Leader

Despite Dwain Lingenfelter, his union proxies and his back pocket media hack that Wall should have started earlier, the Premier got the job done.

Well done, Mr. Premier!

He Can Read?

Guess what book NDP MLA Kevin Yates was reading in the Legislature last night?

He must have borrowed it from the library.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Standing Up for the NDP and Nobody Else

Does the member represent the views of anything but cyncial and rude nature of Dwain Lingenfelter the NDP? How does this statement help secure good governance?

By the way, this is one of the NDP up and comers

This member's statement is an embarassment to the people of Saskatchewan and to the good people of PA Northcote.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Fascinating Typo

Introducing Mr. Swain Lingenfelter...

noun1.swain - a man who is the lover of a girl or young woman;

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Possibly the best political speech in Saskatchewan in a generation.

Well done, Mr.Premier...

Look At Me! Look A Me!

"I don`t think its a good idea either... Oh, and Brad Wall is a jerk!"

Lingenfelter reminds me of a yappy little dog that people are getting really tired of listening to.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Guess Who Else Is Back?

NDP Vice President and apparent homophobe Kent E. Peterson writes a bombastic letter to the Nipawin Journal.

Of course, as they always don't do, he never identifes himself as an NDP VP in the letter.

I guess Peterson forgot to mention his party leader's participation in Spudco, Channel Lake etc. as to why people should vote for the NDP. Those scandals and more are all talked about in Gormley's book (but he probably knows that already.)

BTW, Peterson got rid of his Humble Opinion blog but forgot about the cached version, which we saved. Lots of great stuff on there in the event he ever wants to run for public office. It truly does paint a vibrant picture as to Peterson's character. Peterson still runs the Sask Party Watch blog, the idea of which he lifted from us.

Whenever and wherever Peterson opens his mouth, it is political gold for the Sask Party.

Welcome back, Kent!

NDP By-Election Spin

By the Leader Post's own Murray Mandryk

"A week away from Saskatchewan's final pre-election throne speech, and a year away from a general election, politics in this province is now all about momentum.

That said, one should refrain from assuming too much after Monday night.

Notwithstanding that newly elected Saskatchewan Party MLA and Saskatoon city councillor Gordon Wyant increased his party's popular vote in the Saskatoon Northwest byelection (to 59 per cent from the 54 per cent former Sask. Party MLA Serge LeClerc garnered in this riding in 2007), some perspective is required.

Wyant was a "name" candidate, while NDP hopeful Jan Dyky (who also increased her party's popular vote to 33 per cent from 30 per cent) was not. Added to this equation is the fact that Saskatoon Northwest is a seat the NDP hasn't won in 15 years. There should be better barometers of the electoral mood in the coming year."

We were wondering how Dwain was going to spin Dyky's loss. Looks as though Mandryk was more than happy to help out.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NDP In-Fighting Goes Public

If this is the real regina_mom, there are some real issues within the NDP that will not be resolved until Lingenfelter resigns.

"Let this be a lesson for Dwain. The NDP will fail until he steps down to let the next generation lead"

Not that I mind...

Saskatoon Northwest Post-Mortem

Predictably, the Sask Party's Gord Wyant handily won the Saskatoon Northwest by-election over the NDP's Jan Dyky.

Here are the numbers...

  1. Wyant won with (approx) 58.96% of the popular vote. By contrast, Serge LeClerc won 53.80% in the 2007 general election
  2. Dyky won (approx) 33.06% of the popular vote. In the 2007 general election, Ken Winton-Grey won 29.66%.
  3. In 2007, the provincial Liberals received 1238 votes, or 14.76% of the popular vote. In the 2010 Saskatoon NW by-election that vote collapsed, with the Liberal candidate Eric Steiner receiving only 157 votes, or 3.03% of the popular vote. In other words, the Liberal vote, not unlike the Green Party or the Progressive Conservative votes are merely friends, family and protest votes

But here are the political parts...

  1. The NDP came out with the smear piece on Wyant immediately out of the gate. There was huge push back on the piece on the door step. Their subsequent pieces were not nearly as inflammatory
  2. The NDP/Unions decided to call union members in the constituency and tell them that if Gord Wyant was elected, Brad Wall would sell PCS to BHP Billiton and they would all lose their jobs. This tactic shows utter contempt for union workers by their executives and the NDP by assuming union workers are not smart enough to make political decisions on their own.
  3. Both Dale Schmeichel, the NDP provincial secretary (on the Richard Brown Show) and Dwain Lingenfelter predicted there would be a huge surprise in the by-election. The huge surprise never materialized (other than the fact that people are still voting for the NDP).
  4. The last refuge of the damned... marginalizing women. In a final act of desperation, the NDP's last tactic was to "make history" and elect the first woman MLA in Saskatoon Northwest. The NDP don't understand how this is "tokenism"
  5. Both Lingenfelter and Dyky just don't get it... On Newstalk650 Lingenfelter claims that the Saskatoon NW consituency is "in the bag" in 2011 and that the NDP would win the general election in 2011. Refer to John Gormley's book Left Out about any politician that refers to the term "in the bag".
  6. Dyky told Wyant to enjoy the seat "for a year" but that she was coming back to get the seat in 2011. I believe the voters will be making that decision, not the NDP.

The NDP are completely out of touch with the majority of Saskatchewan residents. They believe that the political smear and whistling past the graveyard is a successful political strategy. Dyky's remarks are the quintessential definition of Rand's postulate "there are no contradictions". She and Lingenfelter are political soul mates.

And both political losers.

Congratulations to the Sask Party and Gord Wyant and for running a honorable campaign.

The NDP, Dyky and Lingenfelter, not so much.

Welcome NDP Watch!

One of the other reasons I decided to bring back the NDP Boogeyman was because I was going to get some help. This blogging stuff can get a bit overwhelming.

NDP Watch has done an excellent job of keeping an eye on NDP tactics for the past few months. We believe that in concert we can be better as one blog with the same mission.

Please welcome the NDP Watch team and we look forward to continuing exposing NDP lies, deceit and hypocrisy in Saskatchewan.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm baaaaaaaack....

After a prolonged three year hiatus (has it really been that long?), I've decided to step back into the blogging world.

I was planning on coming back for the election campaign in 2011, but a few issues caught my eye and they need the NDP Boogeyman light shone on them.

My promise, to expose the NDP on their own tactics and once again prove that they are unfit to govern our beloved Saskatchewan.

Let the fun begin!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Why Calvert And The NDP Lost

"We ran a good campaign. We campaigned on our principles and our values... Friends tonight we leave government, but we leave with heads held high."

The truth is the the NDP and Mr. Calvert did not run a good campaign. They ran a terrible campaign. Their policies received no traction and the party was undisciplined, by their own standards (as witnessed by the SaskHATchewan Weyburn-Big Muddy candidate).

That aside, the reason why they lost is they just weren't honest. Worse yet, they tried to pin dishonesty on their opponents.

Shakespeare said it best, "Me thinks thou dost protest too much". This was the way the NDP acted.

They lied about their accomplishments (14 consecutive balanced budgets) and about the intent of the Sask Party (Enterprise Saskatchewan means Privatization).

Rather than run on their record, which was full of lies and missteps (Fodey's severance, Carriere, the NDP caucus fraud scandal, the lie about the PST), they tried to pin their lack or values and moral judgement on their opponents.

They tried to buy the election with their drug plan, much as Romanow did in 1999 with the free university tuition, but they couldn't.

The fact is the people in Saskatchewan are more pragmatic than political.

They like honest people. The like decent people. And they have an inherent sense of fairness.

The NDP called their opponents names. The NDP lied about the person Brad was and what he was going to do if was elected.

These seem to be the values Calvert refers to in his concession speech. And maybe Calvert still doesn't get it.

When Calvert tried to convince voters about the dangers of Big Brad Wolf, people got angry.

When people call someone you like a name, it says nothing about that person. It says something about the name caller though.

Now some of you may ask if that was the case what happened to the other 48% of the people that didn't vote for Brad.

I submit that the people of Saskatchewan are very cautious. They still aren't sure about the Sask Party brand quite yet, but were willing to give them a chance. Because Saskatchewan people do step out... every time they plant a crop, they step out.

My prediction is that if the Sask Party run their government the way they ran this campaign, there will be a larger mandate given to the Sask Party on Nov. 07th/2011.

The Sask Party realized that the first thing do after becoming elected was not to set the election dates.

It was to keep their word.

And that's something that the voters no longer believed the NDP wanted to do or were capable of doing.

It all boiled down to honesty...